Here is a cost simulation.

You will find many others on the internet but it is difficult to rely on them because any simulation varies greatly depending on the type of vehicle, charger, your mileage, etc. This is why it is best to contact us for a personalised quote.

Calculate your charging time yourself

First, calculate your charging power (P) by multiplying the voltage (U, in volts) by the current (I, in amps). This gives you a value in watts.
P = U x I
Example: 16 A x 230 V = 3680 W
Divide the load power by 1000 to get a value in kilowatts.
Example: 3680 W = 3.7 kW
Divide the capacity of your battery (expressed in kWh) by the figure to obtain the charging time.
Example: 24 kWh / 3.7 kW = 6.5 hours

  • 1) The environmental benefits far outweigh those of an internal combustion engine car

  • 2) the financial costs of use, maintenance and taxes are much lower

  • 3) An efficient charging system at home or at work is by far the cheapest option

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