RossiniEnergie charging stations (France)

€690 – €2.754

RossiniEnergy charging stations
€690 – €2.754

RossiniEnergy charging stations adapt to any context with great simplicity and efficiency.

Each model is available in single-phase (7kW) or three-phase (22kW) and can be calibrated to your charging speed requirements and the capacity of your electrical installation. One of our TechCharge engineers will work with you to find your specific configuration.

Various software solutions, controllable via an app, allow smart and scalable charging control.

Possibilities: aluminium, solid wood, wall-mounted

Type of charger: single-phase (7kW) or three-phase (22kW)

Installation on request: from €400 (the price is linked to the complexity of the work).

Wallbox charging stations (Spain)

€599 – €1.850

Wallbox charging stations
€599 – €1.850

Wallbox offers home and business charging solutions, with an integrated cable, or as a socket with a universal plug to fit vehicle 1 and 2 connectors.

Pulsar 9 range

Compact design and powerful functionality. The combination of different features makes Pulsar the ideal choice for your home. Pulsar has an integrated cable and is suitable for every electric car with a type 1 or type 2 charging socket. Choose between 7.4 kW, 11 kW or 22 kW. | Technical specifications

Copper SB

Impressive design and maximum flexibility. Our Copper SB offers you and your customers maximum flexibility. Its universal plug allows it to fit both type 1 and type 2 vehicle connectors. The Copper is available with a maximum power of 22 kW for three-phase installations. | Technical specifications

Commander 2

The ideal charging solution for your company. Specially designed for semi-public or company parking areas. Commander 2 is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen that allows power adjustment from the screen display. It communicates with the MyWallbox platform or application via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth. Commander 2 is available with a maximum power of 22 kW for three-phase installations and 7.4 kW for single-phase installations. It has an integrated type 1 or type 2 cable. | Technical specifications

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